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18th May 2003

jameskellyrocks4:49pm: alright everyone...
i'm gonna try and get this community up again, and get a layout done and shit. so just bare with me. i'll also try and make an icon and banner..considering we don't have any. heh.

- lauren

13th May 2003

xem0slutx2:49am: 930 community
hey, i just wanted to say that i have started a 930 community, it is not for just people that go there, it's open to EVERYONE, so join if you would like

930 community</font>
Current Mood: happy

11th April 2003

iheartraymondox7:07pm: oooo
hello i'm a new member and my name is stephanie or steph or steffy doesn't really matter what u call me yeah billys pretty hot i foudn a whole fan website on him so heres the link http://shadow-wrapped.net/~billy/indexx.php?x=ljicons.php
Current Mood: bored

17th March 2003

kid_vici0us9:58pm: i had to delete the background for this journal from my site. So this is the best we got for now.


15th March 2003

kid_vici0us6:34pm: this community is dead

30th January 2003

jameskellyrocks5:50pm: http://fanrock.proboards11.com/index.cgi

kind of Billy & Paul related. go there, join and stuff.

i mod the GC part of it, so you know it's gonna be good.

umm..yeah, Paul's hot :)

29th January 2003

kid_vici0us10:05pm: I just got bored and made a new background and changed the colours and crap on this journal. Hope ya like it!

madd love, MARK

23rd January 2003

angelic_schizo7:18am: hey Im new.
erm.... Im 17. and I really love Good Charlotte. der.
and Billy is by far my favorite member. Although I adore them all.
Thats about it.
Im not really good at introductions. can you tell?
Current Mood: blah
c0mpulsiveprep6:27am: hello.
Current Mood: awake

20th January 2003

kid_vici0us3:24pm: yay!
finally got a good layout up.
This layout is actually from http://gc.seeinred.net but i kinda modified it :S ... so just to be nice to whoever originally made this background, go check out that site =D

madd love, Mark
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